Student Teacher Assistant Program

Thank you for considering participating in SDC’s Student Teacher Assistant Program. If you are interested, please fill out application and return to Ms. Tabatha. Click Here for Application

The Program:
The Student Assistant Program has a dually beneficial foundation. The student gets training in how to work with children and how to teach the art and technique of dance. The teacher is able to be more hands on with the students as the assistant is in front demonstrating exercises and choreography. The assistant can also guide the students to the restrooms, first aid kit, hair kit, tie shoes, throw away gum, etc. so the teacher can remain in charge of the class. If the teacher is busy, the assistant can spot and help a dancer who is struggling. The assistants may also experience the gratification of being a role model to young dancers.

The Requirements:

  • Student assistants must be 14 yrs. old or member of the Dazzles, Eclipse or Luminations Teams.
  • Student assistants must be enrolled in our competitive teams and have been a student of SDC for 1 full year prior.
  • Commitment to the whole dance year is required.
  • The student assistant must exemplify the highest standards of technique and class etiquette.
  • Must attend Staff meetings as scheduled

Student assistance are compensated for their time in:

  • Free teacher training
  • $8.00/hr. or tuition assistance. Must choose only one

Directorʼs Note: There are a limited amount of openings for assistants each year. There are many
variables that go into the placement and scheduling of assistants. We will call you once the schedule is
in place, if you have been selected. Thank you for your interest and feel free to talk with me if you have any questions. If you are not selected for a STA position this season, we encourage you to try reapply next year.